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Chennaiyil Karaikudi

The best place to buy the Karaikudi Diamond jewellery is from KMCL Diamonds. Madhya Pradesh is where the Indian Diamond Mines (Panna Mines) are located, from where the World famous Koh-i-noor Diamond was first reported in 1304 AD in the ownership of Mahlak Deo the Raja of Malwa and also the pair of Indore Pears which Were once part of the collections of the Holkars, Maharajas of Indore in Malwa region of the then Ratnapuri of Madhya Bharat, now Madhya Pradesh.
Ratan Singhji of Jodhpur appointed Mehta Kishandasji in 1654 AD and gifted 32 parganas in the Malwa region. After this the family never looked back and Went On to Conquer even the so called "The Great Undefeatable ”Chittorh Fort" and built a Jain temple and bawdi. It stands testimony till today. While fighting in a battle in Mewar in 1752 AD, Raja Takht Singhji laid down his life like a hero and his horse brought the pagdi back to the sprawling haveli in Bibrod, near Ratlam, and breathed its last. His queen performed sati there. In memory of this a Hero stone was erected after Which the Mehta family began to revere her as their Kuldevi.

The Land of Karaikudi (Chettinadu) and Malwa Region of Madhya Pradesh have One thing in common i.e., "Diamonds”. The Nattukottai Nagarathar called as the Chettiars, Who Were known to be shrewd in business and great philanthropists, Were one of the very rare communities who knew the value of Diamonds apart from the then Maharajas of India.

Mehta Sardul Singh, son of Mehta Kushal Singhji and an expert in the Navratnas, came to Chettinadu to buy precious stones from the chettiars who Were returning from the then Burma, Ceylon, Vietnam and Cambodia. His torch Was carried forward by his son Maganlalji Mehta, whose years of dedicated hard Work, Shrewd business acumen and in depth knowledge of diamonds made Maganlal Mehta & Sons a very Well known entity in the diamond industry in the Whole of Tamil Nadu for its ethical practices and trust Worthiness.

Authentic,Traditional and Antique Colections of Diamond JEwelleries are available in Karaikudi Maganlal Diamond Jewellery Chennai. His grandson Rohit Mehta started a Listed Limited Company and came out Successfully With an initial Public Offering in the name and style of Karaikudi Maganlal Mehta Corporation Limited (KMCL Diamonds) in Chennai. Sardul Singhji’s great grandson Jagrat Mehta BE (Civil), MBA, is extensively involved In building and safeguarding the rich legacy handed to him.

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