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The best place to buy the Karaikudi Diamond jewellery is from KMCL Diamonds. Chettinad Food Karaikudi is extremely famous for its spicy dishes. The unique kind of culinary delicacies will blow you off your feet! People from around the world, flock into Karaikudi for its one-of-a-kind dishes. From traditional to fast food, you will find different types of food varieties in the city. The place is apt for foodies from all around the world. The awesome food in Karaikudi will make you visit the city several times. . It is a world famous culinary, which has a history of 200 years. The world renowned dishes are made with a unique blend of spices and ingredients. Additionally, its traditional style of cooking sets it apart from many other cooking methods. Chettinadu Samayal techniques are handed down from several generations.

Generations of trust and legacy is what making  Karaikudi Maganlal Mehta Corp Ltd  the Best Diamond Jewellers in Chennai and Karaikudi. Karaikudi-Famous Temple Pillaiyarpatti Pillaiyar Temple is an ancient rock-cut cave shrine dedicated to Ganesha, located at Tiruppathur (1 km from Thiruppatthur), Sivaganga district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. In the cave temple, there are rock cut images of Siva and other gods as well as several shrines. The Āgama texts found on stones in the temple help date the temple between the years 1091 and 1238. A unique Tamil image of Pillaiyar found in the temple helps to verify this dating. The presiding deity of the temple is Karpaka Vinayakar.

The Chettinadu and Karaikudi Diamond Merchant Karaikudi Maganlal Mehta Corp Ltd got good collections of Chettinadu and Karaikudi Diamond Jewelleries in Chennai. Athangudi veedu & tiles Attangudi or Athangudi is a small village in Sivaganga District. The village has a population of about 2,000 inhabitants and is mainly famous for chettinad furniture, tiles and various foods. The place is known for its floor tiles called as "Athangudi tiles". The tiles are handmade and has traditional patterns as design. It is durable and eco-friendly. The place is present in Chettinad tradition area. The people of the area learned the art of tile-making and made a trademark of their own in Athangudi.Most of the families in this place are involved in making tiles.,

Authentic,Traditional and Antique Colections of Diamond JEwelleries are available in Karaikudi Maganlal Diamond Jewellery Chennai. Karaikudi Maganlal Mehta Corporation Ltd- Karaikudi Maganlal Mehta Corp.Ltd is one of the very few fourth generation Exclusive Diamond Jewellers in Chennai. We cater to mainly retail customers with great specialisation in close and open setting. We have vast experience in the understanding of design choices of traditional Brahmin, Chettinadu and Andhra designs. We have our very own in house jewellery making workshop. Price and Quality unmatched and incomparable. Contact us to experience our customisation.